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Get ready for a healthier you!

Tap into your potential

Embody Inc. has wellness programming
for individuals, couples, groups, and corporate.

Enjoy Customized Sessions

In Person or Livestream online


You deserve to be the best you. Created to meet your specific health goals, customized sessions combine the empowering elements of cardio vascular toning, muscle sculpting, and sports psychology. Learn exercises to increase your coordination, balance, flexibility, and vitality. Tap into your core stability, to build up stamina, and look and feel better than ever before.


Corporate Programs

Prevent work related burn-out. Book a one-time special event, or ongoing program of classes. Designed to give your employees the ultimate energy boost, Embody Inc.'s dynamic sequences are a harmonious blend of mental and physical techniques. This unique synthesis promotes teamwork, creativity, productivity, and overall well being. Studies have shown the amazing effects such mindfullness stimuli have in the workplace, even a little goes a very long way.

You come to us,
Or we'll come to you!
embody cycling

Experience, a cardio-pumping thrill ride, as you train your heart, and all of your major muscle groups. Simultaneously build your fortitude and endurance, while you laugh and cry, alternating bursts of exertion. Effectively and efficiently, take your riding and anaerobic threshold to new heights.

embody pilates
embody yoga
1484847317698 (1).jpg
embody massage 

Ignite a powerhouse of stability at your center, and achieve balanced muscle tone through pilates exercises that seamlessly pair upper body and lower body movements. Get ready to kick the habit of boring exercise forever, as you sculpt your midsection and fortify your core and more.

Quiet your mind with breathing exercises that are linked to flowing poses. Alignment and proper biomechanical functions are highlighted, throughout. You’ll feel fully stretched out from head to toe, yet miraculously invigorated, with a renewed and rejuvenated sense of self.

Thai Yoga Massage:

Relax as your body is put into Yoga postures, and your muscles are massaged with hands, feet and elbows, applied to pressure points.

Reiki Healing:

Hands are lightly placed over important energy lines, to access and unlock vital life force energy.

What people are saying:


"Besides being a knowledgeable instructor and dynamic class leader, Marissa is fully committed to what she is doing. She radiates enthusiasm that we all pick up, and bust our butts. She has an iron fist in a velvet glove."


– David May

Principal Architect,

Superstructures Engineering, NYC

"Marissa is the consummate professional and her teaching style reflects that. I've taken her classes for years and I can't say enough about how wonderful they are. She is always changing the routine, keeping us on our toes (no pun intended) and her style is precise and easy to follow. Not only do I feel relaxed after her classes, but I always leave feeling as though I got a terrific workout."


- Jill Matlow

Feature Writer,

Wall Street Dead aHead Networking Events®, NYC

"Marissa's teaching style combines warm enthusiasm with a rigorous commitment to challenging her students to develop strength and stamina. Her gentle guidance through class enables us to accomplish far more than we might have thought possible!  Marissa's positive energy encourages each student to discover and work their own personal edge, while maintaining a lighthearted approach to respecting one's own limitations on a given day. "


– Kathleen Jean-Jacques


Spiraladder Studio, Brooklyn, NY


"Marissa creates a relaxing space to work. She explains positions and movements clearly and precisely, making sure that we are all challenged and give the best of ourselves.  Among all the yoga teachers I have met, Marissa is the best!"


-Carlos Casal

Development Counsellor,

Financial Industry, NYC


"Marissa brings a wonderful blend of energy, knowledge, and light to all her teaching.  She ensures that the early part of the class gives clients the foundation to do the harder work later in the class. After an hour with Marissa, you have worked your entire body, and gained new knowledge of movements. Her leadership is exemplary.”


– Dara Marmon

Certified Pilates Instructor,

Fitness Industry, NYC


“Marissa’s commitment, diligence and patience, in everything she teaches, is inspiring. She’s honest, reliable and fun at the same time. I’ve eagerly been following her for many years, in private sessions, group classes, workshops, and now live-streams, enjoying all kinds of exercise and massage.”


– Sahir Abdul Hadi

Foreign Representative,

United Nations, NYC


"Marissa is a wonderful Yoga teacher, she makes me feel welcome, and has encouraged me at every single class. All her teaching is led by her heart. I look forward to continuing to learn from her and be part of her enthusiasm.”


– Tom Cleveland


New York, NY

Your words

“This quote is reserved for YOUR words. Book a session with Marissa or go to one of her public classes, and you too will be singing her praises. Get in touch by clicking the 'Contact Us' page and sending an email.”


– Your Name

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