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Customized Sessions

Created to meet your specific health goals, customized sessions combine the empowering elements of cardio vascular toning, muscle sculpting, and sports psychology. Learn exercises to increase your coordination, balance, flexibility, and endurance. Tap into your core stability, to build up stamina, and look and feel better than ever before. These tailor-made regimens are ideal for diversifying your workouts and/or lengthening the muscles you rely on in other modes of physical exertion i.e., cycling, tennis, basketball, weight lifting, or even typing at a computer or carrying children.


embody cycling

Experience, a cardio-pumping thrill ride, as you train your heart, and all of your major muscle groups. Simultaneously build your stamina and endurance, while you laugh and cry, alternating bursts of exertion. Effectively and efficiently, take your riding and anaerobic threshold to new heights.

embody pilates

Ignite a powerhouse of stability at your center, and achieve balanced muscle tone through pilates exercises that seamlessly pair upper body and lower body movements. Get ready to kick the habit of boring exercise forever, as you sculpt your midsection and fortify your core and more.

embody yoga

Quiet your mind with breathing exercises that are linked to flowing poses. Alignment and proper biomechanical functions are highlighted, throughout. You’ll feel fully stretched out from head to toe, yet miraculously invigorated, with a renewed and rejuvenated sense of self.

embody massage

Thai Yoga Massage:
Relax as your body is put into Yoga postures, and your muscles are massaged with hands, feet and elbows, applied to pressure points.

Reiki Healing: 

Hands are lightly placed over important energy lines, to access and unlock vital life force energy.

Corporate Programs

Prevent work related burn-out. Book a one-time special event, or ongoing program of classes. Designed to give your employees the ultimate energy boost, Embody Inc.'s dynamic sequences are a harmonious blend of mental and physical techniques. This unique synthesis promotes teamwork, creativity, productivity, and overall well being. Studies have shown the amazing effects such mindfullness stimuli have in the workplace, even a little goes a very long way.

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Who we are:

• Marissa Anteby, President of Embody, Inc. 
• Maintains over 25 certifications in the wellness industry.
• Certified in hatha yoga, mat pilates, indoor cycling, strength training, interval conditioning, ballet toning, thai stretching, acupressure massage, reiki healing, guided meditation, teacher training, and more.

What we do:

• Teach private sessions at clients' homes and offices.
• Teach group classes at Yoga studios, condominiums, and fitness facilities in Brooklyn, New York City, & NJ. 
• Lead special events for groups and corporations.

Who you are:

What you do:

• Someone who wants to get fit and healthy through customized fitness sessions.
• Someone interested in attending a group class at a Yoga / Pilates studio.
• Someone that wants to workout to livestream classes.
• A manager or owner at a Yoga studio or fitness center, looking to hire a top-notch instructor.
• A condominium looking to implement fitness programming for residents.

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